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Research Interests

Memristors are a new class of devices with unique electrical properties that enable them to serve as non-volatile memory elements, as well as computational elements. The field of memristors is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses physics, materials science, electronics, and computer science. There are many exciting research topics to explore in this field.

Circuit Design

The development of new memristor-based circuits and systems for applications in non-volatile memory, neuromorphic computing, and other areas.

Device Modeling

The development of accurate and efficient models of memristor behavior, including both the electrical and physical mechanisms that govern its behavior.

Memory and Storage

The exploration of new memristor-based memory and storage systems, including non-volatile memory, resistive random access memory (ReRAM), and cross-point memory arrays.

Neuromorphic Computing

The application of memristors in the development of novel neuromorphic computing systems, including large-scale, low-power, and biologically-inspired computing systems.

Nanofabrication and Manufacturing

The development of new fabrication techniques and manufacturing processes for memristors, with a focus on reducing cost, improving scalability, and increasing the yield of these devices.

Applications and Deployment

The exploration of new applications for memristors, including data storage, memory caching, and machine learning, as well as the deployment of these devices in real-world systems and applications.

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