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Research Papers

I am pleased to present my published work

ESREF 2022

Mainak Seal, Anirudha Deogaonkar, Asim Senapati, Siddheswar Maikap, Nagarajan Raghavan, “Ruthenium based RRAM for low variability switching and scaling for contemporary computing systems”, Microelectronics Reliability 2022.

SISC 2020

S. Maikap, S. Ginnaram, M. Seal, and A. Senapati, “Neuromorphic characteristics of MoS2-based CBRAM using thin Ti layer for future artificial intelligence applications”, IEEE Semiconductor Interface Specialists Conference 2020.

IEDMS 2019

Mrinmoy Dutta, Mainak Seal, Asim Senapati, and Siddheswar Maikap, “Improving switching uniformity and neuromorphic characteristics by incorporating Ti buffer layer in Cu/Ti/MoS2/TiN structure”, International Electron Devices & Materials Symposium 2019.

ESREF 2022

Anirudha Deogaonkar, Mainak Seal, Asim Senapati, Sreekant Ginnaram, Alok Ranjan, Siddheswar Maikap, Nagarajan Raghavan, “Robust resistive switching characteristics of AlOx CBRAM using simple and cost-effective thermal evaporation process”, Microelectronics Reliability 2022.


Himangshu Pal, Mainak Seal, Anirudha Deogaonkar, Rajat Mahapatra and Somenath Chatterjee, “Finding the suitability of reduced graphene oxide and lithium based compounds for flexible battery application”, International Conference on Mechanical Materials and Renewable Energy.

IEDMS 2020

Abhijit Aich, Sreekanth Ginnaram, Asim Senapati, Mainak Seal and Siddheswar Maikap, “HfOx-based Ni/HfOx/TiN memristorfor neuromorphic application”, International Electron Devices & Materials Symposium 2020.

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