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2023 - Present

PhD Researcher

Exploring the potential of memristive devices in the realm of neuromorphic engineering and edge computing, I am dedicated to modeling and simulating the complex behaviors of RRAM-based circuits. My research aims to harness the unique properties of these devices to innovate and enhance computational efficiency and intelligence in emerging technologies.

2021 - 2023

Senior Research Associate

Model and simulate the neuromorphic behaviour of a RRAM-based circuit realized for neuromorphic applications.

2020 - 2021

Research Assistant (part-time)

Ru based RRAM characterization​ using Keithley SCS 4200 semiconductor analyser and neuromorphic simulations are done using Ginestra and Neurosim. 

2019 - 2020

Research Assistant (part-time)

  • RRAM and CBRAM device fabrication

  • Electrical characterization using B1500a Semiconductor analyser

  • Time dependent and rate dependent Neuromorphic characterization such as LTP, LTD, STDP, PPF and PTP. 

2018 - 2019

Design Verification Intern

Joined as an intern for 6 months. Got trained in making test bench using Verilog and System Verilog.


2023 - Present

TU Delft, Netherlands | PhD Degree

Quantum and Computer Engineering

2019 - 2021

Chang Gung University | Singapore University of Technology and Design | Master’s Degree

Department of Electronics (CGU)

Engineering Product Development (SUTD)

2014 - 2018

Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology | Bachelor's Degree

Department of Electronics and communication

Hardware Proficiency

  • B1500a semiconductor device analyzer (coding + using)

  •  Arduino (coding + hardware)

  •  Sputtering System

  •  PVD System

  • Lithography

  • Keithley SCS 4200 semiconductor analyser

  • Alpha Stepper

Software Proficiency

  • C(Embedded), C++

  • Python

  • Ginestra

  • LTSpice

  • Mentor Graphics

  • NeuroSim

  • Verilog and System Verilog

Interpersonal Proficiency

  • Fluent in English (IELTS 2018 : 7.0)

  • Ability to build relationship and setup trust

  • Confident, determined and quick learner

  • Ability to cope up with different situation

CO/Extra curricular Proficiency

  • Technical secretary of ECSA (SMIT)

  • College Basketball team (SUTD)

  • Hand Ball and Rifel shooting

  • Active participation in organizing techno- cultural college events.

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